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How to Get Bank Account Statement in SBI ?

Get Bank Account Statement in SBI : State Bank of India is a well known bank in India. An account holder can perform a wide range of transactions after opening an Account in SBI. However, if you want to check all the details of the transactions, you need to get SBI bank account statement. Not only Bank Account statement gives you all the details of your Transactions, it also acts as an Address Proof. So, SBI bank statement can be used at most of the places where you are required to submit a proof of address and there are no charges to get SBI Account Statement. Don’t forget to read our previous articles on reactivating dormant account in SBI and the process to transfer SBI Account to Another Branch.

If you are looking to have bank account statement in SBI, you have 3 options where you can :

  • Get Bank Statement in SBI Online
  • Get Bank Statement in SBI by Bank Passbook
  • Get Bank Statement in SBI by Branch Visit

By using any of these 3 methods, you can get SBI Bank Account Statement of 6 months, 1 Year or any other period.

Few Important Uses of SBI Bank Account Statement are : 

  • To apply for Credit Card.
  • To apply for a Loan (6 Months Bank Account Statement may be Needed).
  • It is a Valid Proof of Address.
  • Useful while filing up Income Tax Returns.


How to get Bank Account Statement in SBI ?

Getting a Bank Account Statement in SBI is quite easy. Let us first tell you about the procedure to get Bank Statement in SBI through Online method by using SBI Internet Banking.

How to get Bank Account Statement in SBI Online ?

In order to get Bank Statement in SBI Online, make sure that you have a net banking account with SBI. Using internet banking in SBI, you can easily download SBI Bank Account Statement Online (SBI e-Statement). Within SBI Net Banking Account, you will get the options to view or download SBI e-Statement in pdf or MS Excel(.xls) format.

Steps to get Bank Account Statement in SBI Online (e-statement) :

1) Login to SBI Internet Banking Account by using your Username and Password.

2) Click on the Account Statements just below Account Summary.

3) In order to download and get SBI Account Statement

  • Select the Account
  • Choose the Period
  • Select whether you want to View, Print or Download the statement
  • Click on Go to view/download the e-statement

Once you Click on GO, Your SBI Online Statement will be visible/downloaded. You can now take a printout of this e-statement or else you can attach in a mail and forward it wherever you want to. It is a good practice to save a soft copy of your SBI Bank Statement as you may be able to use it anytime.

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How to get Bank Account Statement in SBI by Passbook ?

For those who do not have a Net Banking Account in SBI, can also get their SBI Account Statement by Passbook. Every Account Holder in SBI gets a Passbook while opening a new account. An account holder can update all the transactions on the SBI Bank Passbook. You can take a print of the updated transactions, which will act as SBI Account Statement.

You get 2 options for updating the transactions on your SBI Passbook,

1) You can visit your SBI Home Branch (i.e., Where you maintain your Account) and ask the accounts executive to update your SBI Bank Passbook. The accounts executive will insert your SBI Passbook in a printer and your transactions will soon be updated.

2) You can visit any SBI Kiosk where you see a machine that updates SBI Passbook. Update your SBI Passbook by inserting it in the machine and following the on screen instructions. If you are doing it for the very first time, you can ask for help. Note : If your Passbook does not have a bar code, please get a bar code from any SBI Branch first.

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How to get Bank Statement in SBI by Branch Visit  ?

If you neither have an Internet Banking Account and nor do you have a Bank Passbook, you still can get a SBI Bank Statement by Visiting your SBI Home Branch i.e., the Branch where you maintain your Account. You just need to visit your SBI Home Branch and ask the Accounts Executive to give you the SBI Bank Account Statement for a specific period. The Accounts Executive will ask you for details like your Name on Account, Account Number, Period for which the Statement is required etc.

It is advised that you must carry your PAN Card and any Address Proof document along with you as you can show it to the Accounts Executive if he wants to verify your Identity.

Final Words :

You might have noticed that its quite easy to generate Bank Account Statement in SBI through any of the methods mentioned above. It is advised that if you have Internet banking account in SBI, you must always prefer the online method to get SBI Account Statement as it also saves a lot of energy and paper.

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