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How to Close a Bank Account in AXIS Bank ?

Close AXIS Bank Account : AXIS Bank is a well known bank in India. When you open a new account in AXIS Bank, at that point of time you might have never thought of closing your AXIS Bank Account. There can be a number of reasons to close your bank account in AXIS Bank. The reason may be due to bad behaviour of the bank staff, having multiple accounts and you are not able to manage them, due to closure of your company or it can even due to a dormant or inactive AXIS Bank Account which has not been used from quite a while.

Before you plan to close AXIS Bank Account, you must see to it that if your reason is due to improper behaviour of some staff of that specific branch, you can plan to transfer your AXIS Bank Account. If you are planning to close your AXIS Bank Account just because it has been dormant or inactive from a long time, you can reactivate dormant Account in AXIS Bank easily. If you still think you want to close your AXIS Bank Account, you can follow the step by step procedure for closing bank account in AXIS Bank.

How to Close Bank Account in AXIS Bank ?

If you are looking to close a Bank Account in AXIS Bank, you need to follow the 3 important steps mentioned below. Let us now tell you the complete procedure of closing bank account in AXIS Bank.

1) Filling up AXIS Bank Account Closure Form

Visit your AXIS Bank Home Branch and Ask for the AXIS Bank Account Closure form and fill it up completely.

AXIS Bank Account Closure Form will require you to fill the following information :

  • Account Holder’s Name
  • Account Number
  • Mobile Number of the Account Holder
  • Option to receive the account balance by (1) Cash (2) Cheque/Draft (3) Balance transfer to any other Bank account
  • Signature of Authorized Signatory of the Bank Account

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2) Returning your Debit Card & Cheque Book

Along with the filled up Account Closure form you also need to surrender your Debit Card and AXIS Bank Cheque Book to your AXIS Bank Home Branch.

In case you have not maintained your monthly average balance and your balance is below the minimum balance requirement, you will need to deposit the non-maintenance fine amount.

3) Submitting your Address & Identity Proof Documents

In order to prove your Identity and Address to your AXIS Bank Branch, you may also need to provide the self attested photostat copies of your Proof of Address and Proof of Identity.

As soon as you complete the 3 steps to close AXIS Bank Account, your account closure request will be processed and your account account will soon be closed. You will be receiving your Account Balance by the mode of payment mentioned in your Account Closure form i.e., via Cash, Cheque/Draft or by Direct Transfer to any other Bank Account.

Final Words :

You might have noticed that its quite easy to close AXIS Bank Account offline by visiting the home branch. As of now there is no method to close bank account in AXIS Bank Online. Closing a Bank Account in AXIS Bank is usually not recommended to anyone. Apart from just usual banking features a Bank Account serves you many other important purposes such as it acts a valid address proof just by showing your AXIS Bank Account Statement. Also, a bank statement is needed while you take a loan, credit card etc. So, if you just want to close your AXIS Bank Account just for the sake of closing it, I think you must give it a second chance.

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