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How to Change Mobile Number in Oriental Bank of Commerce Account ?

Change Mobile Number in Oriental Bank of Commerce : OBC(Oriental Bank of Commerce) is a well known bank in India which gives a lot of banking options to its account holders. For all the transactions in your Oriental Bank of Commerce Account, you receive SMS Alerts on your mobile number registered with Oriental Bank of Commerce. In case, you have changed or lost your Mobile Number you would not be able to get those SMS Alerts. In such a case, it is advised to change your registered mobile number in Oriental Bank of Commerce as soon as possible to continue using the SMS alerts. Let me tell you that changing mobile number in Oriental Bank of Commerce is an easy process and does not take much time of yours and it can easily be completed by visiting OBC Home branch. In our previous articles, we have told you how to change address in Oriental Bank of Commerce Account and how to transfer Oriental Bank of Commerce Account.

How to Change your Registered Mobile Number in Oriental Bank of Commerce ?

If you registered your Mobile Number while opening an Account in OBC and now you are looking to change Oriental Bank of Commerce registered mobile number, first of all check that your new number is active and working. Do keep in mind that once your mobile number is changed in Oriental Bank of Commerce Account, all your SMS Alerts will be sent to your new number only.

To Change your OBC Registered Mobile Number by visiting the Branch Visit, you need to follow the steps given below :

1) Visit the home Branch of Oriental Bank of Commerce along with the copy of your Proof of Address like Aadhaar Card, Passport etc.

2) Ask the Accounts Executive for KYC Details Change form or Mobile Number Change Request form.

3) Fill up this form completely and mention your new Mobile Number wherever asked for. Don’t forget to put your Signature wherever needed.

4) Finally, Submit the filled up form along with your Address Proof(if needed) to the Accounts Executive.

Accounts Executive will check your details and upon validation your OBC registered Mobile Number will be changed. Before you leave the branch kindly confirm from the Accounts Executive that your mobile number has been updated in the bank records or not.

Did you know ? If you don’t operate your Account for a long time it gets dormant. Check out the procedure to reactivate dormant account in Oriental Bank of Commerce. And if you have not linked you Aadhaar Card to Bank Account, don’t forget to read the process to link Aadhaar Card to OBC Account.

Final Words :

You might have noticed that the process to change registered mobile number in Oriental Bank of Commerce is quite easy. It does not take more than 10-15 minutes to complete this process after you visit the Branch. Please note that this will not change your mobile number in OBC for OTP i.e., this will change only for SMS alerts. For changing your Mobile Number for OTP, you need to fill up a different form to update your Mobile Number for Oriental Bank of Commerce Internet Banking.

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